Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June Monthly Makes

As I am miss June for the Monthly Make I thought I would pop in share some of the early makes already posted on the flickr group.

I was secretly hoping for a few jubilee inspired makes and I was not disappointed.

Where the Monthly Make has been blogged I have 'borrowed' photos and linked through to the blog, where it is not yet blogged I have linked to the Flickr photos for you to see all.

First off the mark was Rosa Lily with an adorable felt bookmark, I love the shape of the heart it's quite 'Tilda'. See Rosa Lily's uploads HERE.

Up next we have  Famfa from Busy Butterfingers, with some fabulous patriotic sugarcraft check out Her Majesty The Queen with Corgies and Inky Monkey. You can find more details HERE. See the uploaded Flickr pics HERE.

Cute eh?

Celtic Thistle Stitches has made a really great Patchwork Jubilee Bag, it's a really nice subtle take on the whole patriotic theme, you can see the bag HERE.

Kezzie from KezzieAG also came over all patriotic and created this Union Jack card recycling elements including an old easter egg box - brill!

Silvia of Slow Lane Made has been cooking. Gorgeous looking Oat and Lavender cookies, are you salivating yet? You can see the cookes HERE.

Keep up the good work ladies, as you will notice I've not make mine yet I must get busy!

Whilst you are here, fancy a swap?  My friend Lynda is once again being a darling and hosting a All Things British Blog Swap

I've been off the swap circuit for a while as I have been uber busy but I'm ready to play now and will be joining in. 
Fancy it, pop over and have a look at Lynda's post HERE.

Back Soon x


crafts@home said...

What wonderful monthly makes, everyone is so creative. I can't decide whether to join in another swap yet, Life gets quite hectic around now...
Sue :)

LaaLaa said...

Lovely makes! Must go and upload mine now. Thanks for the mention honey. xx

Secret Blogger said...

I love seeing all the things people have made. Such a talented bunch.


daisychain said...


Rosa Lily said...

Thanks so much for the mention on the bookmark hun x I suppose it is a bit "Tilda", I want to try and make the Santa's this year, your Angel was great by the way :D

Jille said...

Thank you or dropping by! I think I'm going to be known as the mad chicken lady...

Jille x

Crafty Helen said...

You clever ladies definitely put me to shame. BTW-I can't see your next post. Is it just me? Thanks x

Twinkle Star said...

Lots of lovely makes there. I hope to get in early with my makes this month - I always seem to be leaving it to the last minute!

Have fun with your swap, I better not sign up - I have a few on the go at the moment :) xx

Kezzie said...

Hey! Wow, there's some lovely things here (and totally given me an idea for a swap I am doing at the moment!!!!) I made another one yesterday- being so organised for once (this is a rarity!)!

famfa said...

Aww thanks. What a lovely mention. Much appreciated. And you are following. Thank you. Will follow back, such a lovely blog. Famfa x

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for being Miss June. I need to fix my post and mention you :) What a collection of great makes, we are really brilliant crafters!