Sunday, 1 April 2012

Let's Sew...

Just a quick post, I have received lots of emails and messages following my post on Friday with ladies enquiring about the gorgeous Sewing Machine Cross Stitch Pattern.

It is a design by Ursula Michael from the USA, I bought it from Trudy Anne Designs, Trudie does not seem to have an online shop as far as I can see, but she does sell direct and you can contact her through her email account or you can give her a call.
You can contact Trudy at or call  01484 864594.
I did contact Trudy to ask if she was happy for me to pass on her details and she is, she did mention that these charts are selling really well, she will have more in stock early next week and she can also supply it in a kit format with the fabric and thread.

Go on, you know you want one ;0)

p.s. I have no affiliation at all with Trudy, just trying to help :0)

p.p.s. back soon with a little giveaway!


Ali said...

Her stall was fab - thats where I got my two charts from - I could have spent ages (and lots!) there xx

Michelle said...

This it so cute! Wish it was a chart and not a kit, though.