Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Handmade Gifts and LaaLaa's Swap

In the build up to Christmas I was making a few bits and bobs that I couldn't show as they were for others. 

My boss at work who had seen some of my makes asked me to make his wife a bracelet for Christmas, this is what I made for her,

When I took it in a few other men saw it and I was asked to make a few more for wives and girlfriends, I didn't take photos of all the bracelets I made just the first one.  I thought it was really sweet that the guys wanted handmade items for their wives, I bet it was nothing to do with having something delivered to their desks gift wrapped with no shopping involved ;0)
I did enjoy getting my jewellery stuff out again though.

In other news have you seen the swap being hosted by my friend Lynda over at Hookin' With LaaLaa?

The idea is that there is a crafty box that travels among us containing crafty items, Lynda is going to start the box off and pass it onto someone else who takes out whatever takes her fancy, but then she must replace everything she's taken with something else, and then pass it on.  
Pop over and have a look here for the full details.
I think this might be just what is needed to blow away the new year cobwebs.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 


Anonymous said...

I would love that bracelet too - gorgeous colour and I love the rose bead.

I don't suppose the men cared that it was handmade. Something well crafted like that doesn't have a 'homemade' look to it but rather, looks very well made - more so than a factory version. I can't imagine anyone not happy to receive it! Very pretty.

LaaLaa said...

I LOVE that bracelet honey. Lucky, lucky colleague's WaGs. I'm so looking forward to this swap. xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely bracelet and I've joined the swap too.

A Blessed Life said...

I think this swap is absolutely fabulous and was excited to see it then saw for UK only and I understand that as postage is just awful...maybe someone will do an Aussie one.I would like to start it but still bogged down by work and visitors,i will watch as the box comes and goes to the lovely bloggers homes ..how exciting.

Anonymous said...

Oh that bracelet is lovely :-) I'm not surprised the guys wanted them!!

B.................. said...

I'm really looking forward to this swap, isn't our Laalaa clever!
That bracelet is beautiful, gorgeous colours too xx

delia hornbook said...

Wow that bracelet is beautiful i would adore something like that to what a gorgeous gift. And im not really a braclet girl either but that is lovely. Love your choice of colours and beads. No wonder they all wanted them. Clever you. dee x

♥ Miss Tea said...

you're so creative and talented! love the bracelets you made! what a great idea of the swap, will check it out after this.

x susan

jane p said...

I like the bracelets. Esp with the rose. The men are so lucky! This might sound funny since I make bags but I rarely gift my friends or family anything handmade unless I know for sure they're into it.