Sunday, 3 April 2011

~ ♥ Mothers Day Makes ♥~

~ ♥ Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there, especially to mine ♥~

As I took the handmade pledge last year I made most of my Mothers Day Gifts.

First up is the RICO loopy scarf I knitted, this was quite fiddly but I like the effect.
Look at the pile once it was finished, it looks like a pile of fishing nets in need of detangling!

Fat Scarf
Skinny Scarf

There was enough wool for one thick scarf (cast on 7 stitches) and one thin scarf (cast on 2 stitches).

I bought the wool at the fair last Friday but it's from

Remember the fugly fabric I made Mum's heat pad cover from; well I quilted it and made her a glasses case from the same stuff, it's an 8 inch nightmare, with freaky buttons, I know she will adore it. I just can't bear to post photos of that fabric again!

I made her a little candle too. I didn't use one of my vintage teacups due to the fact that she changes the colour scheme in her lounge like normal people change their socks, so I opted for the only neutral container I had which was this little crystal pot I got from the charity shop for 50p yesterday. The scent is Clean Linen, which smells divine!

I also bought her some flowers too as she loves them, and she's worth it!

I got breakfast in bed this morning made by my little one (assisted by my husband), bless him.

He also stole a daff from our garden fresh with dew, but I had to forgive him :)

Lunch was made for me today and this afternoon we went to the local bootsale and I hit the vintage teacup motherlode, and got some amazing fabric too, I'll show you in the week when I get them photographed.

Oh I almost forgot; here is my little 'Sleepy Ewe' finally finished from the slipwork workshop I took last Friday. Lots of little black french knots on black felt = sore eyes!
You can't really tell from the photo but he is only about 2" long.

He is sweet though.

~ ♥ TTFN ♥ ~


LaaLaa said...

I'm loving all these mother's day posts today. I'm glad you got spoilt, you deserve it! The sleepy ewe is beautiful! What are you going to do with it? Enjoy the rest of your day. xxxx

Bethany said...

What great gifts you made!! Mother's Day in the States isn't for another've got my wheels a-turnin'!

hart44 said...

I love the little gifts you have made, you are so clever :)
My son decided to clean my car for me as a Mother's day treat (bless) but now it's black with streaks lol.

Elise said...

Loving the cute sheep, and the scarves are amazing, intrigued by that wool now! :)

Rachael @ CleverCheshireCats said...

Lovely post! The candle looks lovely as does your breakfast in bed treat :) Rachael Xx

Lucy in the Clouds said...

Happy Mothers' Day Kandi! I can't even imagine how you knit with that mental wool! And your sheep is fab - love her :)

Unknown said...

Kandi I love everything, The scarfs are fab and sheep is so cute.

daisychain said...

We have the same mug!

Those scarves are truly fabulous x

The mum of all trades said...

I am really enjoying reading your blog.

Unknown said...

I love that scarf, doesn't it look amazing in a pile! Happy Mothers Day gorgeous - who did you model that lovely black sheep on I wonder! ;-D

Aunty Bee said...

The sleepy ewe looks amazing, how clever.

Alexandra said...

What lovely gifts! and I love your sheep xxx

jane p said...

In Singapore, Mother's Day is in May but I forget when. I'm sure the gift shops will inform us! Me mom just wants cash. So that's easy. Most Singaporeans take their moms out for a meal. As for me, my kids don't do anything special for me. But they will when they get older, I hope.

char said...

ha that sheep is just immense - i need some crafty inspiration - i have so much todo and never seem to get around to any of it ;(

giddynici said...

What fantastic scarves! And yay for breakfast in bed on mams day. X

Highland Monkey's said...

Hmm which to pick....all of them. The scarfs are lovely and so are the candles, the little sheep is really cute. (and french knots take ages to do)