Thursday, 5 March 2015

Two Needle Socks

Following on from my post here I'm glad to report that I did it, I made a pair of socks.
I followed this Two Needle Sock pattern from my book (Simple Knitting by Erika Knight).
They fit lovely and they are toasty warm in debbie bliss cashmerino but...
I hate the seam.  
I did join it in a very delicate mattress stitch right at the edges but having a seam right up the mid line of the sock feels weird.

They are for hubby to wear around the house and they are fine for that but I wouldn't wear them out and about as I'm sure I'd feel the seam rubbing.
Next pair of socks will be a proper seamless pair.  
He does love them though (or so he tells me) and that's what counts they were made with love.

Back Soon

Lisa x


Sandies' Patch said...

Forgive my ignorance but, will these seamless socks have to be knitted on circular needles?
I think the seam up the middle of the foot would irritate my feet too!

Beca said...

I've always wanted to knit a pair of socks but my knitting skills aren't that good yet. I'd probably have to start with a simple project first before I try the seamless ones. As long as your hubby loves them then that's all that matters. Guys usually aren't as picky as us girls. Lovely gift.
xx Beca

Jennie Caminada said...

I love knitting socks and you will be totally fine with sock needles. Say goodbye to the Sean!