Friday, 2 August 2013

A Little Catch Up

Hi, once again its been a while.  I am finding it more difficult to follow blogs and to blog these days, it is mainly down to the fact that I have become a little bit addicted to using my iphone and ipad for everything.  I know its possible to blog from a phone and ipad but it's just not for me.
I am getting my fix of crafty goings on from my little Instagram family so I rarely venture into blogland these days.
I did start this blog as a little online diary of my makes and goings on, so I am not quite ready to give it up just yet.

In my last post I mentioned my first ever knitted jumper, well I did finish it, after much frogging and a bit of swearing I have a completed garment.  It is very thick and covered in sequins and to be honest I can't see me wearing it much (I know, what was I thinking) but it will be a good cover up when the cold comes back.

 Knitted with a crochet rib band.

 I finally managed to make something from my ever growing pile of 6" squares

Its my mish mash blanket in tones of pink and grey. It's been a WIP for a long time but I'm glad to have it finally done and dusted. It seems odd making blankets in this weather but it's made a nice garden blanket this summer.

Still on the crochet theme I was delighted to make a little gift for a special little girl.  My gorgeous friend had her precious baby girl christened last month and I was honoured to be asked to be her Godmother.  I made this bunting for her christening cake table, 
 here it is insitu with a stunning cake hand made by Sophies Mum and Granny,
 isn't it special?

The last of my crochet makes was a long string of bunting for a friend of mine, Lynda.

Lynda is embarking on a new business venture, I just have to share her stuff with you but that deserves a post all of it's own.  I will be back to share tomorrow but here is a sneak peek at one of her designs I have recently completed.

 Back soon, promise.


Ali said...

I love the jumper!! Looks great xx Great crochet too - ooh glad you've mentioned Lynda - was going to contact her and then thought if she's not blogging maybe she doesnt want to be contacted - look forward to tomorrows post x

MissGinger said...

well done on the jumper. you did pick a hard pattern! looks great as do you lovely crochet squares. x

thriftwood said...

Ooh! I love everything, but I especially LOVE the mish mash blanket, it's amazing and so effective. Thanks for sharing!

Love Claire xxx

lemonade kitty said...

Hello, so nice to see you're back again. I think knitting is the new you as you've done a lovely job with that jumper....very pretty and sparkly, loving the bunting too Lucey x

Sue Vaughan said...

Lovely to hear from you again. That bunting is gorgeous! I so wish I could crochet lol
I am having a giveaway if you are interested (on my blog)- Take care x Sue x

dosierosie said...

I hope you don't give up your blog as I can't get instagram on my phone. Love the bunting.

Dinki Dots said...

Lovely stuff - that jumper looks really good, impressive!
Funnily enough I was just talking about you yesterday, as the Lumberjack was asking who made the button felt heart hanging on the door handle of my new craft room!
Nice to have a post from you, Maria x

Nueyer Dua said...

First time I've come across crochet bunting, CUTE!