Monday, 27 August 2012

Like I don't have enough to do...

... I've gone and started a new project!
I saw this pattern in a magazine that I was flicking through at the local supermarket, it's called Daisy Chain (I did think of you Laura) and it was featured in the Woman's Weekly Knitting and Crochet Special (Yeah, I'm old before my time).
On holiday earlier this month I managed to snaffle up some cheap yarn at the market in Bridlington, this Wendy Sorrento, is so very soft and it was £1.90 a ball.  I have since had to add to my stash as I was shocked at how easily these hexies ate up that white yarn.
Being a sucker for anything hexie and loving soft yarn I just needed to make this.
Somewhere along the way I lost concentration as when I was making my happy little piles I noticed one hexie was not quite right and I had in fact made a pentagon by mistake, can you spot it? 

I was a reluctant to chuck it to one side so I made another pentagon and made a little lavender filled minky pentagon pouch for it and fixed it all together to create a new pin cushion.

Quite pleased I was able to salvage it, it's officially the softest pin cushion I own.

The card in the basket is the pattern written out so I don't have to keep grappling with the magazine, I also keep a note of what yarn I use and how much and hopefully when I have a finished article I will add a photo of what I made to the back for future reference.
I am plodding on with this and hope to have a blanket to call my own soon, I have set myself a deadline of 'by the end of the year' but who knows, you can be sure that if I actually finish anything I will be shouting it from the rooftops!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who starts new projects with dozens of others still on the go?

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Unknown said...

Me!! I never hardly finish anything before I am away with another project! Sue x

Unknown said...

Kandi that wool looks lovely. I really like your project basket too and what a great idea to write the pattern out into a pretty card.

Anonymous said...

That looks so pretty! At current count I've started 4 projects and I'm cutting out the pieces for a 5th today...oops.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

I do the same - I have loads of projects which need finishing!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Estelle @ Cosy/Chic said...

Aargh all the time! I have so many ideas buzzing around (and I'm just too impatient!)

Your blanket will be fab when finished!

Hugs, Estelle xx

Yankee Valley Stitcher said...

You are not! I am constantly starting new projects before I finish others. I think it make it that much more thrilling to finish some of the "ufo's"!

Lucy in the Clouds said...

Certainly not - I have four things on the go at the moment although one might be getting frogged (to start something else) - I actually prefer the pentagons - would they tessellate for a blanket? xx

lemonade kitty said...

Loving the hexies and the wool looks ever so scrummy, it's what us ladies do juggle 20 things at once and I don't mean housework!! Lucey x PS If you make another "mistake" I'll have it haha. x

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

I love that first photo - such a pretty image!
The Lumberjack's gran always pulls out patterns from her Women's Weekly for me! Some good ideas/patterns in there!
Your idea for the card with the pattern written on it it etc, and then a photo of the finished item, is brilliant. A great record of what you've done and something to refer back to. I'm planning to add the names of my finished projects to the back of my little yarn cards that I made recently - so I know what I've made with what yarn. Organisation is such fun!
Good idea to make a pin-cushion with your pentagon. I did the same thing with one of my waterlilies for my waterlily blanket. I suddenly realised that I'd done the whole flower with only 7 petals in each round, rather than 8 - which then meant the rounds of granny square that attach on wouldn't work. I also couldn't bring myself to waste it - so it is waiting for a suitable use!
Can't wait to see your blanket come along - and there is no harm in having loads of projects on the go - you've got to go for it when inspiration strikes!!
Wow - this is a long comment - sorry!
Maria x

Crafted by Carly said...

I too ALWAYS have more than one project on the go. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing???
I love the colours in your post - so soft and pretty. :-)

Jewel said...

Looks fantastic so far! And I love the pincushion too!

The idea of writing the pattern in the card is great - I think I will have to try this! xx

Linda said...

I usually have a number of unfinished articles on the go - problem is many of them never get finished at all. I really should try and finish some of them! Linda xxx

Jo said...

Nope you're not the only one. Crafting is supposedly relaxing but sometimes I have so many things on the go that it's stressful! When things get too manic, I focus on 2 projects per week, a primary that needs a final push and a secondary that I can do for fun. But still, what's life without a WIP? I might make a sign, 'WIP's make the world go round'
Your hexies are gorgeous by the way
Jo x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

That looks lushpants! Heehee, I too can not resist starting new projects. I still only have a dozen puffs for my bee keepers quilt! :)

Unknown said...

Hello gorgeous, just putting a post together. I am back in hospital on 6th Sept and hope ypo can continue to support the lovely Misses!

Loving your crochet - especially now I can crochet a bit!!! Doesn't wool look delicious!

Love ya a ton! xx

Anonymous said...

Love the colours of your yarn. Yes, I too have numerous projects on the go and each project is kept in an embroidered bag, so they do look pretty while they are waiting to be completed!

Country Rabbit said...

meeee toooo ;0)...always very good at starting things but never good at completing/finishing things off ;0)

i do feel such a numpty that im not very good with crochet, but i can knit. I love your colours of yarn and blanket in the making- beautiful x thanks so much for your kind words for me x

Cat said...

The wool is gorgeousness!
I'm in the middle of a ripple blanket which I quite happily tell people I hooked around Europe!
On the plane between NZ and France, on the train in France, in a campervan in Belgium, on the Eurostar, on the London tube, and in Portugal - I think that makes me an International Hooker LOL
LOVE LOVE LOVE crochet xxx