Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Slovenly Ways

Well this past week I've been loaded with cold and generally feeling under the weather.  I have not been able to make much as I have been literally sneezing and coughing all over everything.  I need to make more crochet squares for the blanket swap but I don't want to send squares filled with germs so that has been on hold this week.

On Friday I was looking for my phone in my handbag and it took me ages so I bit the bullet and tidied my handbag out!  
Wow, it was so bad I thought I would document it in an effort not to let it get in that state again.

I like to be prepared and I carry loads of crap around with me all day every day (no wonder I have a bad back!) but this is just insane!

The contents of my handbag on Friday...

 Medication for most known illnesses, I am not a hypochondriac honest!

 makeup bag, camera, purse and usb sticks

 diary, notebook, numerous receipts and 4 letters from the taxman (boo hiss!) I need to call them about.

 hairspray, deodorant, perfume, two hand creams, two anti bacterial hand wash bottles, two lip balms and two lip glosses

  A coffee cosy, a strawberry bag, a sewing kit and a pack of mini pegs (WTF!)

 Business cards, 4 pens, a set of post it notes, numerous loyalty cards and a scale rule

 orange raisins, a chocolate bar from Christmas, a complementary chocolate from the takeaway, 5 open packets of chewing gum and three loose midget gems!

 eight nail files, a comb, two hair bobbles and a clip

 a brolly, leather gloves, my beloved iphone and headphones, 3p and a broken bracelet (now fixed!)

 three open packets of tissues, some wet wipes and a cotton hankerchief

 Believe it or not this is is all rationalised and tidy! 
I just can't let it get in that state again and I need to remember one of everything is fine, honestly! 

In other news I have been tempted into the world of Kindles!  Since I have been crafting these last couple of years my reading had dried up.  I just looked at time reading as time away from crafting, but since I have been unable to make much I have found myself reading more and more.  Two of my friends have been tempting me into the world of kindles and I rather quickly gave in and bought myself one (thanks Judith & Beki!).

image from Amazon 

Besides it's technical qualities and the fact that I can take thousands of books with me anywhere, I get the chance to look into suitable kindle covers I can make!

Well, if nothing else it's something else to cart around in my massive bag with me every day! :0)


LaaLaa said...

I can't believe that! You've got some chocolate that I gave you at Christmas in there! Chocolate, uneaten? What is this new evil? I have never heard of the like. xx

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Ha ha!! This post made me laugh. I swap my handbags around quite a lot so luckily they don't get this bad but I totally have the potential to. Random items in there!

I love my Kindle but now I've started crocheting my reading has definitely taken a back seat which is a shame. Can't wait to see the Kindle cover you make.

Get better soon.

Nicki x

cupcakejojo said...

Hahaha I laughed the most at the little pink pegs....why?! Giggle :)

Jo x

Lucy said...

Haha I'm exactly the same with all the packets of chewing gum, tissues and tablets I cart about. Can never find a bobble when I need one though!

Country Rabbit said...

i loved this post!!!! you are so like me, except i have 3 bags i use on different days and cart lots of the same items around hehehe ;0)x
by the way i love your hand bag! xxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

V impressive! Xx

B............... said...

Haha I've not done a handbag post in a long time, perhaps I should do one soon.
Now do tell, what books do you have on your kindle?

B xxx

delia hornbook said...

ha ha ha blimey i bet your girlfriends love going out with you;-) you have the mary poppins bag of joy ;-)) dee x

Vix said...

I'm surprised you haven't got a bad back lugging all that lot around with you! Were you in the Guides? You're definitely prepared for every emergency!
Hope you feel lots better soon and don't forget to call the tax office! xxx

Ali said...

Lol - great post - maybe we should do a monthly blog hop in the bag department to see who carries the most sh*te around - I take my hat off to you this month though - *bows* - hmm yup since crafting hardly do any reading unless its a magazine and then I only look at the pics, but thinking of getting one for my 12 year old (and you never know might be able to sneak a book or two on there!!)

Louise said...

OMG, how did you manage to find anything in there, you should have a huge bag to carry all that stuff! I made a great kindle cover (which I don't think I ever blogged) from this tutorial and its especially great as it can stand up on it own, great for reading whilst supping in a coffee shop! I used plastic card from the local model shop rather than cardboard for durability and the only change I would make would be to add a hole for the power switch as Amanda does Look forward to seeing your cover.....

daisychain said...

glad to see someone else carries their entire life with them!

Christine said...

Everything but the kitchen sink! Your bag must be like the TARDIS

Aunty Bee said...

I had a good laugh at the contents of your bag. They all look essential to me, but then again I won a prize at a quiz night once for having the most things in my handbag.

Anonymous said...

You've got a lot more stuff in your handbag than ever I have. I had a really good hoot reading the inventory list. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're feeling better. You missed a great Free Motion Quilting workshop on saturday.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Oh the shame of your domestic sluttery! Dread to think what is in my handbag! lol!

qwiksave said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well. LOVE the look in your handbag, brings out my nosey side, lol. When I do a handbag sort I usually give it a purge too. Must do a post like this myself sometime. Hope you get well soon. xx

Dazie said...

I say you are very well prepared for any situation! I am called Mary Poppins for some reason people always come up to me when they need some thing when out and about and I am always well prepared my bag is bottomless apparently! Only thing is I don't just use one bag I use lots depending on how I feel that day so it means either having everything in each bag ready or transferring it lol

Love the KK bag by the way!

Dinki Dots said...


Amanda Makes said...

Bloody Hell, Kandi!!! I thought mine was bad! You've made me feel soo much better! Restrained in fact! I've been lusting after a Kindle...might treat myself for my birthday. What do you think? xxxxx

carrad said...

Well, there certainly was a lot in there, but at least it was all pretty, pretty stuff - mine is just an enormous load of tat! xxx

rach_t said...

LOL! this cracked me up as my bag is very similar! i say go for the kindle, i use my motorola xoom pad with kindle on it and i love it, its just so easy to pick it up and read a few pages, wherever and whenever! :D