Saturday, 23 October 2010

Making Gifts for Christmas

As we are coming up to Christmas I really must get my list organised for what to make for whom and get cracking. I am quite protective of my little blog and not many people in the real world know about it, only my hubbie, boys and best friend. This has the added bonus of me being able to show the things I am making for people for christmas as it won't spoil any suprises.

First up is a pink and brown bracelet I made with matching earrings, which I managed to drop and smash on the hearth as I was taking their photo, I will fix them though.

Not sure who this will be for but I will add it to the box of pressies.
Whilst I had the beads out I made myself this, it's a bit Cath Kidston esque I have had the charms for ages and was looking for a reason to use them:

It is hard making for my family and my hubbies family as apart from our Mothers and my best friend most of our family do not really appreciate hand made items and would prefer a faceless, thoughtless gift set from the supermarket, well tough, I am sticking by my handmade pledge and if I have to add some bought items to it I will but I hope to give everyone at least one handmade item, whether I make it myself or buy it handmade by someone else.

What are you making for Christmas?

Oooohh on another note, what a week, I have had two blog wins, I can hardly believe it. I won this from the beautiful Daisychain - look what arrived:

Amazing Barry M Crackle Glaze:

Beautiful handmade earrings - I love these lots.

My nails before the crackle glaze - In Barry M Pink, this was Thursday night - I had painted these last Sunday I ♥ Barry M. (Please ignore the cuticles and dry skin I have been decorating).

And this is after - it is amazing, I love it.

Thanks lovely lady xx

One other thing, I should wait until I recieve it but I have won Jackie's giveaway at Sew Special Bears the beautiful Cherish!

I am so pleased I can't tell you - have a look at her amazing creations she is a very talented & generous lady! I will post pics when she arrives. Thanks again honey xx

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


Jackie said...

Loving your makes Kandi - the brooch is just fab! I too, am aiming to make my gifts this year - and like you - some appreciate them more than others, but I shall plod on regardless. Now, if I can just find another 12 hours in a day....I might be ready in time!! Have a lovely weekend xx

kim said...

What fantastic jewellery, whoever receives the necklace under their christmas tree will be one lucky's a shame a lot of people don't appreciate how much time, effort and love are put into handmade gifts.
You go girl!
florrie x

Jacquie said...

That bracelet is beautiful,and the pin .
Know what you mean about giving handmade, I'm taking part in my first swap so I can give to someone who apprieciates the effort and sentiment.
Thanks for the owl love
Jacquie x

clare said...

What gorgeous makes..i too love the brooch..just love the little charms!

And your win goodies are fab..well done!
Hugs Clare xx Happy Weekend and Hope its a Good Un xx

LaaLaa said...

Oooh, Kandi! I wish I was on your Christmas list! Lovely, lovely jewellery. The brooch is fab! Lynda xx

Bethany said...

Love your jewelry makes!
The people who don't appreciate handmade gifts have either never made something or made something very badly and think everyone else must too....that's how I console myself when I hear people say they want store-bought and not handmade. I love handmade gifts!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your wins Kandi. Your jewellery is really pretty too. Good on you for sticking to the handmade pledge. Dx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Lovely makes Kandi. I love the shawl pin, what lovely charms. Can you remember where you got them from? or is it all a bit of a 'shopping blur'? lol

Serenata said...

Oh you have been lucky with your wins, and the bear really is gorgeous. Your gifts for family and friends are lovely and I think they are very lucky to receive them. I am the only one in my family as well who makes handmade gifts, so I never receive them myself, apart from the wonderful friends I have made on blogland.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the teddy win - she is gorgeous. I love the charm pin and necklace. It is a shame that so many people don't get the handmade thing. I don't have any presents to make, as I don't have my family to buy/make for any more, but this does mean that I don't get any back either! Husband & I spend our spare cash on the children so Santa doesn't bring anything for me....sorry, this wasn't supposed to turn into a sob story. I guess that I may have to give up blogging after Xmas whilst everyone is showing us their piles of goodies?xx

Alex said...

What lovely things you've received! And the things you've been making are just as wonderful!!

I'm trying to make some Christmas presents but I have the same problem as you in that a lot of people just won't get it and would prefer something with a brand name on :( Plus my crafty skills are limited so I mostly just bake for people!

Ali said...

Congrats on your wins!! Your jewellery makes are gorgeous too - hmm know what you mean about the homemade gifts - dont even get a thank you for homemade cards so not even going to attempt anything else homemade!! I would be so chuffed if someone had gone to all that trouble and put so much thought into a gift for me - but hey ho!

Dana said...

you must be the luckiest blogger I know well dne again for winning! I love that bracelet especially te pearls and the pin is lovely too I would rather a handmade gift any day!, its so much more personal, and thoughtful Im sure your lucky recipients will love them x

Pene said...

Oh lovely jewelry especially the brooch its given me an idea for my advent swap? As for your wins!!!! You Jammy thing the bear is to die for, truely gorgeous.. I'm now going off to cry lol. Oh FYI free listing on ebay again this weekend.
Pene x

verykerryberry said...

Your sewing pin brooch is fantastic, very professional- I have a long list of cushions, purses etc to make for family, better get cracking!

giddynici said...

Lovely makes. Bracelet is gorgeous and I love the little sewing machine charm on the brooch. Where did you get it?
Congrats on the giveaway wins!

Unknown said...

I have never seen crackle nail polish before, it is fab!
I agree with you about some family members not appreciating handmade - we make a shoe box hamper for every family on top of other pressies - it has a Christmas cake, handmade sweets and jam & pickles.
I have bought quite a lot of handmade goodies too as well as stitching away!
love annie x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

The crackle varnish is great, I've never seen it before. Welldone in sticking by your pledge. Love the brooch you've made yourself too x

Unknown said...

I wish I got more handmade gifts at christmas and much the same as yourself I wish more people appreciated them.
I've never seen crackle glaze nail varnish before but it looks very cool!!
Em xxxx

Lucy in the Clouds said...

I need to get more organised too, I want to make a few handmade things for people this year. Like the crackle over the pink!

Alexandra said...

I love your sewing brooch and jewellery they are gorgeous! Congratulations on your wins xxx

dizzytina said...

I love the bracelet Kandi its stunning!. i know what you mean about family not appreciating handmade. My sister always looks put out when i mention making certain things for my neice. I think its because she isn't creative herself. My neices love everything i have made them tho so i'm sticking at it too!. Well done on your gorgeous wins. the bear is so cute x x