Saturday 31 December 2011

My Baby ... and a Happy New Year ...

This Christmas I became the proud Mum to a new sewing machine :0) 
Years ago after several bad decisions (expensive coffee machine, I mean you) we decided to choose what it was we wanted for ourselves within budgets set and that way we are sure to get something we want.  
Some people find this a bit odd, but we love it, to be honest a dry suit, a new fancy fishing reel and kayak wheels are not things I would have easily have selected for my beloved and girls can you imagine your better half getting you just the right sewing machine?
No, neither could I.  
Whilst thinking about what I needed I did my research and sought help from a couple of my favourite bloggers who I know work with quilting, which is what I need my machine to be able to cope with.  They both came up trumps and gave me some brilliant advice thank you both Kerry and Dana.

My old brother machine was a great little starter machine but it was struggling a little with the multiple layers.

I did feel a bit sorry for my old machine as it has taken me through some lovely makes so I opened it all up and gave it a good old clean out, an oiling and a mini service.
It is now going to live with my best friend, who is pretty new to sewing but I am sure once she gets going she will be hooked!
Which reminds me as part of her birthday gift (Happy Birthday Nic xxx) I made her a sewing pouch to keep all her essentials in, this is my first make with my new machine.

The little tag says 'sewing mends the soul' - don't it just!
 I flippin love machine blanket stitch, I will become terribly lazy now!

Well it's New Year's Eve today and I am all but incapacitated with a very bad back.  I had hoped to clean the house and have all the washing done and ironed and all the beds stripped but sod it; I can barely dress myself so I am taking the opportunity to sit and catch up on my tapestry.
We will be having a quiet night in tonight and I would like to wish you all the very best for the new year.

My old family new year blessing goes...
 I wish you all the best of health, wealth and prosperity, and if you take care of the health the rest will take care of itself.

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Wednesday 28 December 2011

What to make next...

I have a bit of a thing for books, craft books to be precise.  This Christmas and Birthday I have been spoiled rotten and I now find myself in the position of not knowing what to start next!

Just some of my favourite books that I have recently been given and some of the makes I'm itching to get started on:

 I know it's not technically a book, but look at those colours!
 This is a north east book that I just adore, there are loads of fabulous North East Colliery inspired makes.  
 Coming from a long line of miners I need to make a few of these brilliant makes, starting with this colliery row quilt.
 I bought this for a friend this Christmas and I loved it, I was soo lucky to receive one too.

 This guy is called pensive rabbit!

Big thanks to my lovely friends who gave me these beauties, you know who you are xx

Now can you see my problem, where do you start, how do you decide?
What I did was cop out and started something altogether different, this tapestry cushion kit.

see me with my slipper covered feet up?

I can see this coming year starting as the current one ended - with lots of Works In Progress!

What's gonna be your first make of 2012?

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Saturday 24 December 2011

Advent Swap and a Merry Christmas

Well we are creeping ever closer to Christmas and I'm starting to get in the mood now, just in time it's only 1 day away!

I'm just popping in to show the last couple of Advent gifts received from my friend Lynda in the Advent Swap, it's a bit sad that it's almost over, it has been a real delight, thanks Lynda for all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts you have sent and for organising this in the first place.  I hope you liked what I sent you too!

Day 22
Day 23

Day 24
Now I have given it, I can show you these little things that I made for Lynda as an Advent swap for days 23 and 24.
Tapestry pouch I made filled with skincare and makeup samples.

Quilted Christmas hanger I made last month at Just Quilting, this was a little labour of love, I may have to make myself one too.

Right I'm off to get organised for tomorrow, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy happy new year!

image from Two Crazy Crafters

Festive Hugs, see you in the new year.

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Thursday 22 December 2011

More Birthday Treats

Well almost a week later the Birthday treats are still coming, this little pile of lovelies arrived this week.

Thank you ladies, you know who you are!

Well I've almost finished my wrapping, the dreaded food shop is happening tomorrow and it's clean the house time then too, I think I may need an early night to get myself in shape for tomorrow so I'll bid you farewell and treat myself to a relaxing bath.

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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Advent Swap Days 19, 20 & 21

Thank you all for your kind Birthday wishes following my last post.  It has been the month of gifts galore, I have popped in to show you more goodies I received in the Advent Swap from my lovely friend Lynda.

Day 19
The portable crafter knitting book.

I'm a knitter but I mainly just dabble and need more practice, I've got lots of new ideas now!

Day 20
This stunning, patchwork cushion kit, if Santa hears my cry and brings a new sewing machine I will make a start on this over the Christmas break. 

Thank you Lynda this is right up my street!

Day 21
Fun with stitching book.

This is a treasure of a book with lots of beautiful hand sewn designs for me to get my teeth into.

Wow, I've got so many lovely books I'm a little overwhelmed and not sure what to start next, I want to make felties really bad, but I'm itching to do some hand stitching, then there is the patchwork stuff sitting tempting me!  At least after tonight I'm off work for a while and can hopefully get into the Christmas spirit, I've been too busy to enjoy it up until now and if I'm being honest I'm feeling a bit blue and teary, I'm sure it'll be alright on the night ;0)

Hope you are all feeling the Christmas vibe.

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Sunday 18 December 2011

Happy Birthday to ... Me!

Today is my Happy Birthday and I have been spoiled rotten.

Besides gifts and cards and lots of pampering by my family and friends, about this time last year I joined in the Birthday Swap organised by our friend Hookin With LaaLaa and look what extra goodies arrived for me ...

Beautiful handmade gifts and cards from lovely crafty like-minded ladies.

You know who you are, thank you all so much for making my birthday extra special.

As if that is not enough I still had my advent swap to open from lovely Lynda,

I've been after this Cath Kidston Pin Tin for ages now, I love it thanks again xx

Right I'm off to throw myself into this birthday lark!

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Saturday 17 December 2011

Advent Swap Day 16 & 17

Following on from my last post I took I have popped in to show you what else I received in the Advent Swap from my friend Lynda.

Day 16
Clinique delights, wowzer woman you are really spoiling me!
I'm now sparkling!

Day 17 

Lovely knitty craft book (sorry blogger is playing up again!)
Thanks Honey!

You remember my obsession in embryo with quilting? Well I have been doing lots of research and reading up and I came across a lovely blog of a talented lady    Lucie the Happy Quilter  
Lucie is responsible for several of the lovely creations I showed on my recent visit to Just Quilting at Killingworth, and recently she had a little giveaway and I won!
This little bundle will turn into something like this,

(borrowed from Lucie's blog)
It's sure not to be as good but I'll give it a good go!  That does depend on whether or not Santa delivers a new sewing machine YOU HEAR ME SANTA!!
Thanks Lucie.

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Friday 16 December 2011

~ ♥ Giveaway Winner ♥ ~

Thanks again everyone for joining in my little giveaway, I was blown away by all of the entries.

  I scribbled your names all down and added to you to my little pink bowl again.

(This picture was taken for my last swap but I promise it looked broadly similar just the paper was white!)

My beautiful assistant Thomas picked out the following;

~ drum roll please.....

Winner ~ Sarah (cute & cosy)

Please email me your addresses and I will send some goodies your way!

Thanks for entering everyone x

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~