Tuesday 29 June 2010

Lovely New Online Fabric Store

I recently found a lovely new fabric store and made a small order to give them a try.

I was really pleased with my purchase, want to see:

How lovely is she, its an Alexander Henry fabric and I adore it, I think it may end up as some kind of bag.

They have lots of lovely funky fabrics and the postage prices are staggered which I like. When I received my order I was pleased to see that they are local and they offered me a 10% off code. I contacted them to ask if I could share it on my blog and they gave me a special one just for us, it is 10% off and will work until the end of August, how good is that?

Here are some of my favourites;

I have added a link to my sidebar for the time being and you can click through to their shop from there, the code to add for the discount is kandi (it is case sensitive).
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Monday 28 June 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all so much for entering, I find it incredible that you are all reading my blog, its great to have your support and encouragement.

♥ Thank You all ♥

Again I would love to send you all something but I’m afraid I can’t. For this giveaway I added you all to a long list, some of you twice and due to time constraints I gave you all a number and copped out and did a random number generator (sorry, it’s so impersonal, but practical).

The winning number was:
That number corresponded to : Clare

Congratulations, I will be in touch soon for your address to post your goodies out!

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Sunday 27 June 2010

~ ♥ Giveaway Reminder ♥ ~

I just wanted to send a reminder that tomorrow is the closing date for my 100 Followers Giveaway, I will draw the winner tomorrow late afternoon/evening and will add all entries up until I make the draw.

Thanks to all who have already entered I am delighted that you like my little makes!

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Saturday 26 June 2010

Origami Money Shirt

I sometimes give cash as gifts instead of unwanted presents. I know its a bit of a cop out but with the cost of computer games, which is what most of the kids want I can't usually afford £40-50 for each birthday so a tenner it is!
In order to make this a little more inventive I fold the money into little shirts, if you had a big birthday or event you could make these and add them to the front of a card with string and little pegs to make a money washing line, however this time it's just the one.
As I was making one today my son suggested I should do a blog post about them, so here you go:

Take a tenner (works the same with £5, £20 or £50 ~ not that I see many of these!) a crisp one is better but lets face it they all spend,

Fold it in half lengthways with the Queens face on the outside,

Open that up and fold each edge into the middle,

Flip it round and make a small fold at the bottom of about 1cm,

Then fold the top corner into the centre line on each side, this makes your collar,

Open the bottom out and make another fold, just past the pound sign,

Open this fold out and fold each corner until it touches the crease line you just made,

Fold these little triangles you have just made over on themselves,

Fold the bottom back in on the crease you made previously just after the pound sign,

Take this bottom section and fold it up and tuck it into the underside of the collar,

Squish it flat and you have a little money shirt!

You can have the money in any position but I prefer this way as you get the silver shiny bit on the front of the shirt. There are other ways to make these shirts but this is the way I have memorised so it's the quickest way for me.

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Thursday 24 June 2010

Earrings to Brooch

I bought these rose earrings recently as they were just so pretty!

When I wore them for the first time I was a bit saddened as they were so heavy that they just flopped over in my ear and were really uncomfortable to wear, as they were pierced earrings I couldn’t return them either.

As mentioned the other day I received a gift of some brooch backs so I got my jewellery cutters out and snipped off the back of the earrings.
I made a little felt circle and sewed some re-cycled lace and some ribbons onto that. I sewed the brooch back to the circle on the back and glued the rose in the middle.
I use hypo-cement as my jewellery glue as it is excellent for fiddly work, the nozzle is needle thin and the glue comes out a drop at a time.
So from a pair of earrings that I couldn’t wear I now have two brooches that I can. As I was finishing these my husband commented, 'oohh how very victorian', not sure if that was meant as a criticism but I took it as a compliment!

I think they might look quite neat on a denim jacket. I will be giving one of these away as a gift to a friend of mine who loves all things shabby and vintage and could do with a cheery gift to perk her up. This is also my submission for the jewellery challenge on the MSE jewellery thread.

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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Sew Hip and Recycled Needle Case

I really enjoy getting the Sew Hip magazine, I love how it is great for all levels and is not crammed full of clothes only, and you get a pattern sheet for all of the makes inside. If you don't already get it, it is well worth a look it is published monthly by Kalmedia and is £3.99.

In the July magazine there was a pattern and instructions to make this little origami needle case.

I cut up the fabric I had left over from a Boden top I bought from a charity shop a while back to make these cases.

The pattern is provided for these, I traced it onto greaseproof paper so that I didn't have to spoil the pattern.

Here they are almost done.

And voila, with felt insides and a little embellishment to the front, my little origami needle cases.

They were really quick and easy to make so I make a few whilst the iron was out!

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Sunday 20 June 2010

Little gifts of kindness and Happy Fathers Day ♥

These last couple of weeks I have received several packages in the post which made my day. It is amazing how something as little as a handwritten note can cheer me up, but I did so much better than that.

Look what arrived this morning from the lovely and talented Tina:

Those partylite candles smell divine, the little heart smells wonderful and the beautiful pouch is full of handmade greeting cards.

This hand crafted card made me gasp, it is soooo beautiful and I don't think I will take it down again. Thank you so much my lovely!

Another parcel received recently was from lovely Vicki. She send me these scraps from a bunting project she was working on, I had been lusting over the fabric she was using and she kept these off cuts and sent them to me. Thanks again Vicki, I have already started trimming them up and I will find a good use for them soon I promise.

I received a little thank you card from another lovely, Karen, and she included some fab polka dot ribbon and brooch backs for me. I can’t wait to find a use for this ribbon its beautiful ~ thanks! The brooch backs were used immediately as I was in need of some, I will show you what in a day or so once the glue is dry!

I feel so spoiled, it's like having a birthday every couple of weeks. Blogging has been such a wonderful experience for me, making friends with likeminded people!

Totally unrelated to sewing but due to the special day, I just had to say Happy Fathers Day to my lovely husband who is a fabulous father to his two boys and a fabulous step father to my two boys, he is everything a father should be and the kids are so blessed to have him in their lives. I would also like to say happy fathers day to my ex husband, who is a great dad to my two boys and they love him to bits.

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